Are there any additional fees for moving fragile or valuable items during a long distance move?

Custom boxes are often available as an addition to specialty items, such as works of art and antiques. Storage is one of the additional services most commonly purchased by moving companies. Moving companies usually offer 30 days of free storage in their service packages or offer free storage as an incentive to close a deal. However, long-term storage through a moving company can be expensive, charging 30 to 50 cents per cubic foot.

These prices aren't terrible in the short term, but if you need storage for more than a month, it's usually best to opt for a personal storage unit or a moving container. While consolidated moves may be less practical, they are an excellent option for saving costs, as the total cost of the transportation and storage service is divided among all customers. In the case of full moving and packing services, the cost of these materials is taken into account and is included in the bill. It can also give you an idea of the different rates you might face, as some shrewd moving companies may not mention them during the quote process.

And with professional moving companies, your move is tax-deductible, which also means long-term savings. This can cost less than hiring moving companies with cargo trailers for the entire process, but you have to spend a lot more time and effort on the move, which isn't always an option. There will be a lot of things to move that will require you to make several trips back and forth between the two houses to move all your belongings. For short moves, calculating the price involves multiplying the cost per hour by the number of hours the move takes.

In addition to weight, other expenses to consider include special packaging, the transportation of bulky items and the handling of fragile items. This quote will give you an idea of what you'll have to deal with, but most of the time, the final cost will change when the move is over. Moving long distances is a little different from moving locally, as local moving prices are based on an hourly rate for labor, in addition to any additional fees for services. Whether you're moving within state lines, out of state, or to another country, the final cost of moving is based on several different factors.

That's why we designed this approximate moving cost calculator to help you take into account all the variables that influence the price of this type of move. This happens when you move to a neighboring state and the mileage is lower than a typical long-distance move, or when you use a rented moving truck to cross the country. And what those moves actually cost can be surprisingly similar to or even much lower than the total cost of moving on your own. Occasionally, moving companies will need to use additional supplies, such as bubble wrap, wrapping paper, straps, ties, mattress covers, or television covers to pack the load properly.

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