Do moving companies charge extra for stairs or elevators during a long distance move?

Some moving companies charge additional fees for ladders or elevators, long hauls, or packing supplies. Make sure these charges are included in the quote or ask if they can be waived. If you're moving to a building that has stairs but no elevator, you may have to pay a fee for the staircase. Many moving companies charge extra money if they have to carry your items up a ladder instead of simply putting them in an elevator.

This adjustment reflects the time of year when moving companies are busiest, as relative costs increase considerably during peak seasons. Also, since this is one of the most common hidden moving expenses, you should make sure you understand its terms to avoid additional moving expenses. While panting and snorting from top to bottom on a daily basis may come naturally to some, the logistics of moving your belongings as you walk down the stairs is a bit more complex. While consolidated moves may be less practical, they are an excellent option for saving costs, as the total cost of the transportation and storage service is divided among all customers.

This table uses the national average, standard tax rates, and typical rates to estimate the expected cost range for local moving companies. This measurement will also determine how many carriers you will need and give you a rough idea of how long it will take for these carriers to manage your cargo. This means that the later the move takes (keep in mind that the more time your carriers spend going up and down the stairs), the more money you'll be charged in the end. From parking tickets to ladder fees, here are 12 hidden costs you should know before moving day if you use a moving company like Victory Van.

If you have to cancel, you shouldn't incur any cancellation fees as long as there is more than one week left until the date of the move. This quote will give you an idea of what you'll have to face, but most of the time, the final cost will change when the move is over. If you've hired a professional moving company to help you move, you might soon run into some additional moving expenses you never imagined. As you can imagine, full-service moves are significantly more expensive than standard moving services.

Needless to say, moving companies will have to work harder to move heavy furniture and boxes along the stairs, in the case of a building without an elevator or a skyscraper with an elevator that doesn't work. However, if you work with a professional moving company, such as Piece of Cake Moving & Storage, they will make sure you are clear about what these charges are before the first box with your belongings reaches the landing on the first floor. Occasionally, carriers will need to use additional supplies such as bubble wrap, wrapping paper, straps, ties, mattress covers, or television covers to pack the cargo properly. Knowing more about them can help you understand the “why” of any additional costs on your moving bill.