Are there any additional fees for moving large or heavy items during a long distance move?

In addition, long-distance moving companies charge customers based on the weight of the shipment. Therefore, the more belongings you move and the heavier the shipment, the more expensive the move will be. Moving often also means having to buy a new home, which involves paying expensive realtor fees and closing costs. Most moving companies charge an hourly rate for local moves, with an additional travel fee if applicable.

The later you move, the more you'll pay in labor costs. While moving companies will keep your things overnight, they won't do it for free, and you'll most likely end up paying some kind of additional fee for the service. No, most moving companies won't charge sales tax on the cost of your moves. There are no taxes on services such as packaging, loading and transportation.

That said, moving companies are likely to collect sales tax on any packaging material (such as boxes and duct tape). Storage is one of the additional services most commonly purchased by moving companies. Moving companies usually offer 30 days of free storage on their service packages or offer free storage as an incentive to close a deal. However, long-term storage through a moving company can be expensive, charging 30 to 50 cents per cubic foot.

These prices aren't terrible in the short term, but if you need storage for more than a month, it's usually best to opt for a personal storage unit or a moving container. You'll also want to make sure that your budget is accurate and includes all the services you need for a successful move. While most homeowners opt for direct transportation moves, unified moving services can be a great way to save some money if you're not short on time and don't mind having your household items share a truck. The final determinant of your additional costs is the service fees that can be added to your bill.

In addition, considering the cost of hiring a moving company is an additional task that you may have to cross off your to-do list for moving. When included in a moving package, the disassembly of the furniture is usually requested as part of the quote process or during the move. Ladder rates apply when there are several flights of stairs within or leading to your property that carriers will need to use to move their cargo. In the case of standard moving services, a truck with a few professional transporters will arrive at the time of arrival and you will have all your boxes, furniture and all types of cargo ready to be transported.

Because of these factors, professional moving companies will require an additional fee to transport, load and transport special items. If they aren't, it's best to switch to another company to avoid potential hidden costs or unethical business practices that could end up costing you thousands of dollars. The weight of the shipment, the distance of the move, the type of service required and more influence when determining the cost. If you're planning to move during the summer months, be prepared for higher prices and more restrictive availability, with prices rising by up to 30%.

From parking tickets to ladder fees, here are 12 hidden costs you should know before moving day if you use a moving company like Victory Van. If you want to save money and don't mind trying a little hard, it might be worth making the move yourself. The cost of moving depends, among other factors, on the size of the house and where you are moving. Most good moving companies will come to your apartment and carry out an inspection to see how much stuff you have before you move in.

The extended transfer fee, another hidden moving expense, is a direct result of the moving staff being unable to park the vehicle near the entrance to your home...